Losing a pet or grandparent is a well-known concept but losing a parent is foreign.

Parents are like superheroes and we believe they will be around forever because nothing can tear them down. They were there when you were born and we expect them to be there until after we die. So losing a parent at the young age of 18 leaves a person at an utter loss. It is hard to function with day-to-day events knowing your mother is no longer around.

In this series, it begins with a single white dress, which signifies the innocence of myself. Throughout the series, I am wearing the dress in areas that make me feel like I am at a loss. Things like sitting in my own bed wrapped in a blanket she made stops me in my tracks. The recurring images are of these places that have a heartfelt meaning because of significant events.

At the end of the series, it involves me taking a short walk around the house and recognizing the broken down items. The broken down, decaying items signify the breaking down of the human spirit. The human mind can only handle so much before it has to break down too, just like the weather and elements that happen around these items.

The last image is of letting go. I am looking out the window, hopeful of a new day, hopeful of a new beginning, hopeful of a fresh start.